UNITED NUDE is an iconic brand of womens and mens shoes at the intersection of design and fashion. Architectural footwear known for clarity, elegance and innovation was launched with the Möbius shoe in 2003. Since then their recognised models Eamz, Loop and Fold, inspired by geometrical shapes, have become design classics.

The ‘broken-hearted’ love story of Rem D Koolhaas will go down in shoemaking history for giving birth to the company behind some of today’s most forward-thinking footwear designs.


Inspired by nature, people and movement, but guided with science and facts, VIVOBAREFOOT’s ultimate goal is to create the perfect shoe – a shoe with zero biomechanical interference with the foot and zero impact on the planet.

Founded in 2012 by two seventh-generation cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot is based on one simple insight - barefoot footwear is sustainable footwear.


Rains is a contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand creating waterproof designs for the global citizen. Influenced by its Scandinavian heritage, Rains practices an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance.

Each Rains product is initiated to honor and challenge traditional perceptions of rainwear. In conjunction to providing quality waterproof products, Rains apparel, bags, and accessories are designed to mix function with fashion. Headquartered in Denmark, a Scandinavian undertone of simplicity remains constant in the Rains aesthetic, yet each product is carefully considered for the global customer.